• Our Vision


    Educators can and should be innovators

    Most public schools and school systems have curriculum specialists but not specialists in pedagogy or ways of teaching and learning. The "what" of what needs to be known and support for content is available while the "how" to engage, empower, enlighten, and nurture the love of learning and desire to know is often missing, lost, or stolen from the learning experience. Within many democratic countries, legislation has led to hyper-accountability and exacerbated the technocratic practice of drill and practice through massive testing and teacher evaluations based on student test results.

    Pathways Studio pedagogy encourages the love of learning and the desire to know. The pedagogy supports questioning as a necessary method for educators to enable, empower, and guide student learning. It also considers the need for educators to take the time required to think and question ideas to promote understanding and practice thinking. Teaching that fosters a love of learning and a desire to know goes beyond the pouring in of knowledge from lecturing, repetitive drill, and testing.

    Greg Twemlow

    Founder, Pathways Studio