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  • Pathways are the routes that can take you to a new and better place

    There are many circumstances where pathways are critical. You could be a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's but no real-world skills. You could be over fifty and dumped after a long career in a corporation, or you could be a mom eager to get back to work after ensuring the kids are happily settled in the education phase of their lives. For these and many other scenarios, you need solid pathways that take you away from what you may feel is hell to new and greener fields of opportunity.



    we all need pathways by Greg Twemlow, www.pathways.studio

    We All Need Pathways

    Most people embark on a career journey based on what they think they're passionate about or the opposite; they don't get to choose and do the menial work of society's underclasses—21st-century slaves.

    Pathways out of a career disaster are usually engineered and rarely enabled by pure luck. The lesson in this short self-help article is; don't take what you have for granted and don't think the grass will be greener if you clamber to the other side of the hill.

    giving teachers new skills by Greg Twemlow, www.pathways.studio

    Continuing Education for Teachers

    Teachers, do yourself a favor. Don't wait another day to commence developing new skills and engineering your pathways to expand your career options. Talk to us about our Train-the-Trainer programs designed for teachers who want to explore their innate potential.

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