Pathways Studio High School program graduates 2021, Greg Twemlow

    High School Program

    Workshop Format - 14 hours of Experiential Learning

    The nine key skills (see image below) for people of all ages who have or are deciding to pursue a career where humanities or life skills are crucial for success. Skills Studio uses a training model called Experiential Learning that incorporates "reflection" on what has been done. By using a cycle of "doing, reflecting, changing, doing, reflecting" the skills are consciously applied and students recognize that they are refining one or more of the skills. All 14 hours are facilitated experiential learning dealing with real-world issues.


    Programs can be designed to reflect a specific objective or interest and can be delivered in a school or business setting, over about 8-weeks or as a 2-day workshop. Read a report on the High School program delivered at two high schools in Term 2, 2021.

    Pathways Studio pedagogical model designed by Greg Twemlow